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My job is being a mom. I feel like I have finally "found" what I am supposed to be doing with my life. I never knew what a blessing children could be until I had my own. I have a wonderful husband who loves us and takes care of us. I can't ask for anything more.


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Monday, February 7, 2011

Well, it's been a while... I have ALOT to catch up on, so get ready! Gavin turned 9 months old in October. Once again, I cannot believe it. He started really cruising between 8-9 months, and the nerves that come with having a 100% mobile baby, had set in. I knew at that point in time, it was only days until my little baby would no longer depend on me to get him from point A to B. It kinda feels like (I assume this anyway, since I haven't personally lived through it yet) when you have a teenager that just got their license, and you know even though you are literally scared to death, you have to let them drive alone at some point in time.  I just had to tell myself, that like the crawling milestone, this too will become second nature to everyone. He will, all too soon, be running circles around us and Cooper. You just better GET READY MAMMA!
On a sadder note... I'm sure you have noticed the pic above of Gavin and his Great Grandpa, Papa Schwieger. In November, we lost Papa to a sudden heart attack. He was the closest person that I have ever lost. All of the rest of my Grandparents are still living, so as an adult not ever having to deal with this sort of tragedy, I was lost. He was an amazing man who had a child-like heart, undeniable faith, and everyone was his best friend. It makes me sad to know that Gavin will never know him. The pic above is the only one we have of the two of them, and it was taken about a month before he passed. He and my Grandmother (Mamaw) were together for 55 years (I think that's correct),had 6 children, umpteen grandchildren and great grandchildren. I would not know how to continue living without someone that was truly my life partner for 75 % of my life.She is a strong woman, so I know she will be ok, but that's not my worry. I don't want her to have to be strong right now. I had this overwhelming sense to help and protect her as soon as we got the news of Papa. I guess, I couldn't imagine losing the love of my life, planning, paying for and attending the funeral, all within days. How do people move on from heart break and tragedy that deep? I have continued to ask myself that on a daily basis, as I worry about Mamaw, and pray for her to have peace and healing. We all miss Papa dearly, and he will always be remembered.

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  1. Awesome post Shelley. You have an amazing, caring heart that will guide you your whole life. Mom and I are so proud of you!!